Crowns Require Routine Care

Your crown effectively replaces the enamel of a tooth that has suffered a severe amount of damage or decay. Popular crown materials like gold, base metals and porcelain are not subject to tooth decay. However, your crown will still require emphasis in your daily oral hygiene routine. Food particles and bacteria in your mouth can… Read more »

Treatment Options for Advanced Periodontal Disease

Left unchecked gingivitis can advance into periodontitis, which can have a serious impact on your oral health and other medical conditions. If you’re periodontitis advances too far, it can cause the gum tissue to recede and allow pockets to form in the gums that can develop a serious infection. In some cases this requires surgical… Read more »

Inlays And Onlays vs. Fillings And Crowns

Inlays and onlays are a type of dental restoration used to fill cavities. Unlike dental fillings, they are created outside of the mouth, and unlike dental crowns, they do not cover the entire visible surface of the tooth. Keep reading to learn more about how inlays and onlays differ from fillings and crowns. Size For… Read more »

4 Great Options to Restore the Health of Your Tooth

Do you have a decayed tooth, but you’re nervous about restoring its health and leaving the dental office looking like a pirate? Well, we are happy to tell you that there are many different ways of restoring the health of your tooth! Dental fillings are strong, reliable products that give you the comfort and health… Read more »

Toothbrushes Through The Ages

Old toothbrushes need to be replaced because they collect bacteria and aren’t as effective at brushing. But do you want to hear about some really old toothbrushes? Here is a short list of toothbrushes created through the ages. 5,000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians invented toothpaste, so they must have invented a toothbrush as well, right?… Read more »

How Fresh Is Your Breath

Today is National Fresh Breath Day! It is easy to join in by following these easy tips we’ve compiled to help freshen your breath. Avoid Garlic and Onions: Foods like garlic and onions can be smelled on the breath for up to three days after consumption. The odors from these foods are absorbed into the… Read more »

Losing Your First Tooth

Do you remember how you felt when you lost your first tooth? Were you excited or nervous and anxious? Losing your first tooth is a big milestone and children react in many different ways. If you are a parent, we encourage you to talk with your children to calm any fears they have and explain… Read more »