Cosmetic Dentistry


Bonding is a procedure whereby a tooth-coloured restorative material is used to correct common dental irregularities which compromise the appearance of the smile. These include gaps present between the teeth, chipped dental margins and edges, minor fractures of the teeth, non-uniform shape and size, dental pits, cracks etc. Bonding is popular because it can fix a number of cosmetic dental problems within a matter of minutes. At York Dental, we use top quality composites to give our patients the smile they deserve!

Bonding is simple and straightforward. In order to create composite veneers, or to do minor cosmetic dental fixes with the material, the area is first cleaned and etched. The tooth-coloured filling material is then used to recreate the natural contour of the tooth little by little. Once the desired shape and margins have been achieved, the material is hardened or set in place with the help of a curing light. In most cases, anaesthesia is not required, but can be given to patients who experience severe dental sensitivity. The bonding is then polished to give the restoration a natural shine. If you have gaps between teeth, or are simply looking to make your smile appear more uniform, on a budget, call us today to book your appointment!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are screw like structures, topped with porcelain crowns, which are used to replace missing teeth in the upper or lower arches of the oral cavity. Implants are currently considered as the best replacement for natural teeth owing to their unmatched strength, aesthetics, and properties that promote general health and healing of surrounding soft and hard tissues. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants can effectively replace both portions of a natural tooth, the crowns as well as the root. This gives the artificial component the strength and stability that all other methods of tooth replacement lack.

At York Dental, we use the most reliable, and most effective implant systems currently available in the market. The lower ‘screw’ like portion of the implant is first surgically embedded underneath the gum, in the jaw, where it fuses with the surrounding bone. This fusion gives the implant a strong, anchor-like foundation. A porcelain crown is then fitted atop the implant to complete the procedure. Not only can this treatment effectively replace multiple missing teeth in the mouth – it can also be used to retain complete dentures. Give us a call today to learn all about dental implants and how they can help you!

York Dental is proud to be a 2016 Invisalign® preferred provider! Invisalign is one of the most popular of all dental treatments being practiced today because it has revolutionized orthodontics. Wire-and-bracket braces were once the only way anyone could ever think about getting a straighter, more aligned and flawless-looking smile. That treatment however demanded a great deal of commitment from patients, compromising the appearance of their smile till the appliances were removed after a year or so. The metallic components and the total duration of treatment often discourage patients from opting for the treatment.

Invisalign offer the same results faster, and without the use of any metallic appliances whatsoever. It involves the use of transparent plastic trays custom fabricated for the upper and lower dental arches of each individual patient. The trays must be worn daily for at least 22 hours for the desired results. The trays exert pressure on crooked teeth, pushing or pulling them into new positions that make the smile straighter, and more attractive. When in the mouth, the trays remain perfectly invisible. The treatment typically lasts eight to twelve months, and can effectively correct mild to moderate mal-occlusions. If you want to fix your crooked teeth without anyone noticed, give us a call or drop by York Dental to get your Invisalign treatment started today!


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that makes use of a peroxide gel activated by a dental laser/light to break down and remove dental staining, revealing a brighter, whiter smile. There are a number of factors responsible for causing discoloration of the teeth, the most common of which include improper oral hygiene, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee and wine. Food and beverages that contain coloured pigments can overtime make the teeth appear dull and pale. Teeth whitening or bleaching treatment at York Dental can help patients brighten up their smile by 3 to eight shades!

At the clinic, we will first apply a gum barrier to make sure that the whitening gel does not irritate your soft tissues. An even layer of the peroxide-containing gel is then evenly spread on the teeth. A dental light, or laser, is then shone directly on to the gel to activate it, for 10 to 15 minutes. This cycle may be repeated 2 to 3 times depending upon the extent of discoloration of dullness present on the teeth. The gel is then washed off to instantly reveal the results. The procedure is safe, painless and non-invasive and you can book an appointment for you smile makeover today!

Teeth Whitening

Dental veneers, commonly known as porcelain laminates are perhaps the most popular of all treatments being practiced in the field of cosmetic dentistry today. This is because veneers can completely transform the appearance of the smile, concealing most dental irregularities that otherwise affect a patient’s self-confidence. You can easily conceal gaps, cracks, minor fractures, staining, shape and size discrepancies, coloured restorations, chipped edges, pits and fissures and other deformities with the help of these custom-fabricated tooth-coloured shell like structures.

The veneering treatment required tooth preparation, which means that the teeth need to be trimmed down to a certain size for veneer placement and cementation. Once they have been reduced in size, an impression is taken on the basis of which technicians create fine porcelain shells. These shells are finally fixed on to the front surface of the teeth with the help of strong dental cements – ready to be flaunted to the world! If you shy away from smiling in company because you feel conscious about the way your teeth look, then porcelain veneering is the perfect treatment for you. Give us a call to book an appointment with the team of cosmetic specialists at York Dental today.