Cosmetic Skin Care


Did you know that you can book an appointment with the experts at York Dental to eliminate signs of aging from your face? We offer the most effective solutions to firm sagging, wrinkled skin using Botox and fillers, making you look much younger in a single visit! Botox is a substance that can be injected sub-dermally to reduce visible signs of aging which typically appear around the lips, nose and eyes. With the wrinkles gone, your skin can look youthful and toned for months at a stretch.

Botox is safe, and highly effective. We are licensed practitioners and go the extra mile in making sure our patients leave our clinic fully satisfied with the results. If you are starting to feel conscious about your wrinkles, we can help you pause and reverse your age with a simple, quick treatment. Our experts offer consultation to all patients, addressing any questions, concerns or queries you may have regarding the procedure, the results and after-care. Are you ready to say goodbye to those visible signs of ageing? Give us a call to book an appointment with the leading team of cosmetic surgeons today, only at York Dental.


Juvederm is only of the most reliable and effective treatments in cosmetic surgery today. The procedure allows patients to enhance the appearance of their lips, for a fuller, more attractive looking pout. York Dental surgeons offer Juvederm to patients who feel conscious about their thin lips, or about visible signs of aging. Juvederm can effectively:

  • Plump up the lips

  • Restore youthful facial contour

  • Make the skin appear more toned

  • Significantly reduce signs of ageing

  • Reduce sagging and ‘flat’ appearance of the skin

Prior to the treatment, we try our best to explain every little detail about the procedure to our patients. It is important to understand how it works in order to get realistic expectations from Juvederm. The filler has helped hundreds of men and women worldwide take several years off their age, making their skin look flawlessly toned. The results of the treatment can last for a couple of years, after which the procedure can easily be repeated at the clinic. If you are ready to flaunt a more youthful looking skin without signs of aging, book an appointment for your Juvederm treatment at York Dental today!