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You probably know that there are a number of things you could do if you’re interested in enjoying a healthy smile. For instance, you probably know that you should brush and floss your teeth if you’re interested in avoiding a cavity. However, did you know that a cavity could actually weaken your enamel and leave you more susceptible to a number of serious problems? Sadly, other issues can weaken your enamel–but there are a few things you can do to keep your enamel strong.

Again, brushing and flossing is important, but did you know that brushing after eating could hurt your enamel? You see, eating will actually soften your enamel. Unfortunately, if you brush while your enamel is softened, you could accidentally damage your teeth. Usually, if you wait thirty minutes, your enamel will harden again. While you’re waiting, you can drink water, which will rinse acids from your teeth.

Unfortunately, illnesses could also damage your enamel. Yellow teeth can be another sign that your enamel is weakening. Rounded teeth, or teeth that seem transparent, could also be an indicator of soft enamel. If you have any of these symptoms, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us.

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