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Flossing is a vital task that needs to be performed at least once a day, and it is very important to floss with the best product possible for your smile. There are many types of floss in the world today, and it’s tricky to know which one best suits your chompers. So, to help you find the best and most efficient product, our York Dental team is thrilled to give you the following information:

· Wide floss: Wide floss is also known as dental tape. This product is very beneficial when working with bridgework. It’s also recommended for those who have large gaps between their teeth.

· Waxed floss: Waxed floss is a beneficial option for those who have teeth that are extremely close together. This product slides smoothly between the teeth and effectively cleans the area.

· Unwaxed floss: Unwaxed floss will squeak against your teeth to inform you when the plaque is removed from your smile. This is beneficial if you would like to know when the cleaning job is done.

· Bonded, unwaxed floss: Bonded, unwaxed floss is expected to tear more than waxed floss, but it does not fray as easily as regular unwaxed floss.

If you still aren’t quite sure on the best flossing product for your smile, we encourage you to call 952-841-0122 and schedule an appointment with Dr. . Your dentist will be happy to meet with you, examine your smile, and give you the recommendation you need to have successful oral hygiene. We look forward to helping you!