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There are many factors that go into developing mouth sores and/or infections. At York Dental, we may be able to sleuth out infections and help with mouth sore solutions in Edina, Minnesota. Mouth sores can be as simple as the types of food you eat and whether they are too hot to viruses and ill-fitting dentures and braces. Rarely, mouth sores can be the result of oral cancer and is best left up to our dentist, Dr. to determine.

Topical ointments can usually eliminate most mouth sores and infections; however, there may be an underlying factor to some sores and infections, such as an infected tooth or gums. In these cases, the dentist may need to prescribe oral antibiotics.

Sometimes, acidic fruit or juice can create mouth sores, such as pineapple or oranges. It may be a good idea to write down the foods and drinks you ingest to see it those could be a culprit. Many times, mouth sores will heal on their own, without further treatment. If, however, you are still dealing with mouth sores and infections after a few weeks, contacting us at 952-841-0122 can bring peace of mind.

There are some changes you may need to make to eliminate mouth sores completely, such as quitting chewing tobacco or cooling off hot beverages. You may even consider getting your hormone and vitamin levels checked. Typically, these steps will take care of most sores and infections. For an appointment to consult with the dentist, we invite you to call our dental team. Our goal is to care for your dental healthcare!