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A chip can form on a tooth from any number of sources. A hard blow to the face during sports can easily chip a tooth. However, more banal sources, like grinding your teeth or nibbling on pencils and pens can also cause a chip in your tooth enamel. The most significant danger of damaged tooth enamel is it’s potential to trap bacteria and food particles. This can easily promote tooth decay dangerously deep in an otherwise healthy tooth.

A tooth suffering from a small chip might be treated at York Dental with a simple filling. A tooth suffering from a large chip or a chip in a critical location on the tooth might need a full dental crown restoration.

This basically involves removing the entire tooth enamel layer to form an abutment from the healthy dentin and other internal structures of the tooth. This post-shaped structure will eventually anchor a crown made from a material like gold, porcelain, or a metallic alloy.

The material that our dentists recommend for the crown will vary depending on its primary function in your mouth and prevalence in your smile. Porcelain crowns are primarily called upon to restore a tooth in your smile. Gold and other metallic crowns are more durable, making them a good choice for molars and premolars.

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