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Are you in need of a dental crown to enhance your smile? Dental crowns are prosthetic devices permanently affixed to teeth to provide an additional level of support. Not only will they cap and conceal teeth to give you the desires you please, they can even provide further damage prevention to ensure the tooth will be safe in the future. Whether you need a single dental crown or multiple crowns, visit your dentist for restorations and treatments today.

If you are in need of a dental crown to aid in the repair of a severely damaged teeth, speak with your dentist about the potential for a dental crown restoration. If you wish to provide an additional level of support for a tooth that has a filling, but not enough tooth remains to hold a filling as is, dental crowns can be used. Dental crowns can be used to provide an additional layer protection for bridges, implants, and root canals. In situations where teeth are so severely damaged that no other treatment could be used, a dental crown may be able to save the tooth from extraction. Thanks to durability and safety, dental crowns can even be placed on the teeth of children that are at high risk for numerous oral ailments including dental erosion.

For dental crown enhancements from a dentist in Edina, Minnesota, our team at York Dental can help you. If are in need of an oral exam, please schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office. We can be reached at 952-841-0122.