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It’s not uncommon to have a small piece of food get stuck in your gum line. Even though this might cause an immediate surprise and minor pain, it can usually be resolved by rinsing your mouth vigorously with lukewarm saltwater.

Unfortunately, there are a few rare instances when something gets stuck in your gum line and it cannot be easily removed. This is even more likely to happen if you have a bad habit of chewing on objects like pens, pencils and your fingernails.

You should never try to use toothpicks or any kind of sharp, pointed tool to remove the object from your gums. This could injure your gums or damage the neighboring teeth.

The item to reach for is a strand of waxed dental floss. The waxy coating allows the strand to slide easier between teeth to work around the foreign object. If at all possible, you should try not to force or snap the floss into place. This could lead to a gum injury or other serious complications.

A floss threader loaded with wax-coated floss can be handy to help you work at the object from a different position. Oral water jets create a concentrated stream of water that might also help loosen the object.

If your best efforts to remove the object fail, you should call York Dental at 952-841-0122 to schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist in Edina, Minnesota. Dr. and our team are happy to help you!